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Afghan policeman opens fire on US troops, kills two

An Afghan security officer opened fire on American troops while conducting a joint operation with them, Afghanistan officials reported. Two soldiers were killed and two others were injured.</div>[edit lead] - Image credit


More bodies recovered from capsized boat in Kerala, India

<p> At least 44 bodies have been recovered from a lake in India lake after a boat carrying 75 tourists capsized in the water on Wednesday. Wikinews obtained exclusive pictures of the boat before and after the accident.
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Three aid workers released by Somali gunmen

<p> Officials in Kenya say three foreign aid workers that were kidnapped by Somali gunmen in July in northern Kenya have recently been released.
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Six soldiers killed in Senegal after ambush

<p> Six Senegalese soldiers were killed in an ambush near the country's border with Guinea-Bissau late on Friday, according to reports. The clashes come after rebels in the area began stepping up their attacks.
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